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Shoyu Chicken

Smothered Pork Chops

Lasagne Casserole

Cornish game hen and spinach sauce.

Chicken Hekka


Okinawan Spareribs

Mom's Chicken

EZ teriyaki meatloaf

Eazy Zucchini Jun

Beef Stew

Saute Shrimp with Chinese Peas

Big batch of Chili

20 min prep 6-8 hours cook

Chicken and Wild rice crock pot

15 min prep 4 hours cook

Guava chicken Ho Style

Shoyu chicken with guava

Curry Rice with cranberries

Curry Rice with Cranberries

Spicy Thai Beef and Rice

Because of the mint and coriander, this dish tastes refreshingly complex despite a short list of ingredients. A great one-pan recipe, which will feed an entire family!

Katsu Don

Pork cutlet placed on rice and covered with sauce thickened with flour.

Tanin Don

Pork bound together by egg on rice.

Oyako Donburi

Oyako Donburi

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