Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Chef! We are very pleased to announce that over 2,000 people are already using Chef. Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions as well as general guidelines for how to use Chef.

Can I copy my favorite recipes from a website/cooking book?

Yes, but you have to rephrase their instructions in your own words. Unlike a list of ingredients, cooking instructions are copyright protected. The recipes, which are copied from other sources word for word, will be taken down from Chef. After changing wordings, please acknowledge the original source in "Citation". Please note that citing the original source in "Citation" does not mean that you can copy it word for word.

Can I add my recipes to my phone?

Yes. Go to, and log in. You will now see "Add Recipe" in the menu on the left. The recipes, which you enter this way, will automatically appear under "Cookbook" on your iPhone/iPod Touch once you log in.

Can I enter my recipes on the phone?

No. At the moment the only way to enter recipes is through the website.

Can I upload my picture?

Yes. When you are entering a recipe, browse your picture and add to "Image." You can hit "Upload" or finish your entry and hit "Save" at the end. Please note that most photos on cooking books and websites are copyright protected. Acknowledging the original source in "Citation" does not make it okay to copy a photo from other site or book.

Can I break up my instructions?

Yes. When you start entering a recipe, you see only two blank rows for instructions. Click the "Add another item" button. You can add as many instructions as you need.

I took a picture of someone's recipe. Can I upload it?

Yes. Although you cannot upload your picture for someone's recipe, we are happy to assist you to do so. If you email us your photo, the title of the recipe, and the name of the submitter, we'll add it so it will display on the website as well as on the phone. Please note that the person, who originally submitted the recipe still has the right to take your picture down.