Welcome to The Chef Family

Along with this website, we have created Chef for your iPhone/iPod Touch as well as for your iPad in the hope that we can help you with your daily cooking experience. We hope you enter you favorite recipes on our website! Need to go to the grocery store? Create your grocery list with one button and take them with you on your iPhone. Found a fresh hard-to-get vegetable? Find a recipe on your phone right in the store and check out what else you have to grab. Finally, it’s cooking time! The bigger screen of the iPad allows you to scroll down ingredients list and instructions independently so it won’t skip a beat while cooking.

We hope that chefs of all levels know they're welcome here as you explore ways to improve your cooking and make it more enjoyable. Through the three members of The Chef Family syncing together we'll help you achieve your cooking goals. Hope you enjoy them all!

Chef’s Little Helpers

Bryan & Yuka